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MegaMan Star Force by FireFeyRose412 MegaMan Star Force by FireFeyRose412
Here's my drawing Geo Stelar in his MegaMan form when he merges with Omega-Xis from the MegaMan Star Force Trilogy. I know a couple of the colors don't look right such as the silver colors and the colors of the legs, but it still looks good. This was a free-choice assignment for Drawing 2 and since I just recently got into the Star Force series, I thought Geo's MegaMan form would be good, and it looks like it turned out pretty great. I got a 93 out of 100 on it, I think that's because some colors were a bit off, but it still looks great and it's a good enough grade for me, I hope you like it.

It wasn't until July of 2013 was when I got into the Star Force series, I'd already played other MegaMan series' such as Battle Network, and when I heard fans of SF calling Star Force one of the best, I decided to try it out myself. A few days later at my local GameStop, when I was looking around in the place, I unintentionally found a copy of MegaMan Star Force (1) Leo and it was only $8, luckily I had over $15 with me, so I bought the game and played it. I have to say, the fans were right, Star Force is one of the best, SF 1 had a great story, AWESOME gameplay, and a fantastic protagonist known as the great Geo Stelar, I love the series just because of him (and other elements of the series as well). This series also got me to play the classic MegaMan games on the nes and I appricate them a lot now. Star force has become one of my favorite series' and I would die of happiness if Capcom made a Star Force 4 on the 3DS, I REALLY hope Capcom will consider making a SF 4, the series may have looked like it was concluded with Star Force 3, but it just feels incomplete, so I really want a SF 4 SO BAD now. Anyways thanks for this great series and I really hope you make a SF 4 (event though you have become pretty ignorant nowadays, but I still have faith in you).

Hey anybody want to become brothers with me, I have SF 1 Leo, SF 2 ZerkerxSaurian, and SF 3 Black Ace, I have the Ophiuca Noise right now, tell me in the comments or in a message your friend code if you want to become brothers;)
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January 15, 2014
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